Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Unmatchable growing excellence When AROHA was formed, we interviewed many potential clients and business colleagues and asked what a single important question seemed: “If you could design a firm to meet your needs, what would it look like?” The answers to that question have guided our thinking and planning on an ongoing basis, and form the core of our thinking about how we treat our clients and our employees, whom we call associates.

At a most basic level, we have stated our mission in a promise to our clients and our associates: “Unmatchable growing excellence.” This alignment governs superior service to our customers and supports our associates who perform that work, which cannot be matched by our competitors.

In short, we believe that care of our associates, disciplined financial management, and constant attention to the fundamentals of good delivery adds up to a successful, scalable business.


At Aroha, our vision is to provide best-in-class IT staffing customized, flexible and scalable business applications and IT Infrastructure services to our worldwide clients.

Our Philosophy

The tenets that guide a professional organization serve as both compass and map. values have been shaped by experience and the shared personal convictions of its leaders. The articulation of these values serves as guidance for the members of our firm and as a pledge to our clients.

  • Focus: At the core of our value creation for clients is our unequivocal focus on IT consulting and Strategic Management. Since Inception, AROHA has been dedicated to these markets more intensively and expertly.
  • Dedication: Each client's success is our success. We are dedicated to helping our clients maximize the value of their opportunities through superior analysis and insight. The extraordinary efforts of our professionals in support of our clients are testimony to this core value.
  • Innovation: The challenges our clients face are dynamic as are our efforts to develop insightful approaches to help them. We push ourselves to continually innovate in our knowledge base and analytic approaches to provide our clients with cutting edge tools to forge creative strategies for competitive advantage.
  • Versatility: Our abilities as a firm are broad and deep. We approach a wide variety of issues for our clients with a diverse and flexible set of methodological alternatives. We use the right tools for each problem.
  • Integrity: We demand the highest levels of personal and professional integrity from the members of our firm. Our interactions with clients at all levels are guided by these standards. Rigorously honest analysis of a strategic issue is at times painful, but the expectation of that honesty is the bedrock of our practice.
  • Respect: Respect for our clients and for our colleagues is integral to our culture. Collaboration is an essential element of the Putnam team approach to problem solving and client interaction. It is part and parcel of being a professional at our firm.


Our Values

  • Customer focus: Success for us is a measure of how satisfied we make our clients.
  • Excellence: Comfort is too easy! We have always strive to push the bar a little further beyond just comfortable.
  • Innovation: If we don't create the waves together with our clients, we will be washed in them.
  • People: Building a world class company that offers world class services to its clients requires world class people.
  • Integrity: Our credibility lies in the consistency with which we live our values.