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by Admin / Oct, 02,2018

The last quarter of yet another eventful year’s coming close and the world of staffing is as exciting as ever. Technology is advancing beyond imagination, processes are turning more flexible and filling those talent pools require an approach different than what hiring managers may have used in 2017.

As always, there are trends that have changed a lot of what’s considered normal in the world of IT staffing. Trends which are key to ensure that hiring managers end their 2018 on an absolute high. Let’s go through some of those trends in detail:

Freelancers, contractors and the benefits they bring

The startup boom has kindled a trend that’s running at full throttle to this day: work from anywhere. A vast majority of seasoned professionals, as well as freshers, have subscribed to the idea of undertaking assignments as freelancers or independent contractors as it brings tonnes of flexibility to the table. This level of flexibility also helps them innovate and deliver assignments with surprising efficiency.

Hiring managers, with a comprehensive understanding of what makes them tick such as managing them from operational and payroll standpoints can get the best out of them with ease.

Power of mobile which continues to grow

Prospective candidates are increasingly searching for jobs and lucrative opportunities through mobile platforms and forums. Studies have clearly indicated that candidates with skills on the cutting-edge are turning to platforms and portals that are mobile and agile. Furthermore, from an operational standpoint, it’s easier for hiring managers to fill their talent pools through mobile technologies as they help save time and money.

Diversity is getting by the day

A significant development this year has been the sheer focus that companies have dedicated towards ensuring that no barriers exist at the workplace. Gender, creed, orientation and even age are words that are increasingly turning taboo in the world of staffing. This is helping companies by enabling them to increase the diversity of their talent pools.


As predicted, Artificial Intelligence is literally taking the world of staffing by storm with the capability of automating recruitment processes to perfection. Perhaps the most important advantage of using AI-based programs is that they help judge candidates completely based on their skill sets and records. As a result, hiring managers are able to focus on tasks that require attention, thus making the process of recruitment seamless like never before.